ICD offers a varied selection of world-class hardware and software products due to its multi-vendor capabilities that spans across multiple spaces; Storage, Networking, Cabling, and Security.



AT&T Cabling Systems

AT&T’s high-performance network infrastructure solutions based on innovative designs and highly advanced technology are the first choice for all applications. Faithful to the world-leading AT&T heritage, combining world-class reliability with the unique AT&T Millennium™ Lifetime warranty, AT&T Cabling Systems is your key to years of fail-safe and trouble-free operation, minimizing system downtime and maximizing your profits.



BST Security

BST specializes in the development of security solutions for different market sectors using state of art technologies. Through business partners they supply the market with high quality products. These products cover different needs from decentralised and standalone systems to the most networked seamless integrated solutions. Whether a small or big project they can fulfill your security needs and deliver an outstanding experience for clients.




Allegion specializes in security around the door, furnish locks (both mechanical and electrical), door closers, exit devices, steel doors and frames. They are also breaking new technological grounds with biometrics, special surfaces, video surveillance, wireless connectivity, cloud technology and other electronic safety solutions. Their prominent security 25+ brands are sold in over 130 countries. These brands offer a variety of products to keep customers safe and secure when security is needed the most



Simons-Voss, have been for more than 20 years working to make your life and work safer, more comfortable and more economical. They have achieved this aim by revolutionizing the classic mechanical locking systems with digital technology and integrating many additional functions. They have rethought access management, with innovative performance, security has become intelligent. Thanks to their unwavering demand for high quality, technology and reliability, they always find a sustainable answer to individual security requirements



LCN products can be found in many high-traffic facilities such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, and correctional facilities. With innovative door closure solutions, LCN products are trusted to work seamlessly during critical moments. With high standards of performance, customers have peace of mind knowing their facilities are protected. We have 35 different series of closers and door hardware to choose from and 15 to 20 years of operating life on our products.



For more than 90 years, Schlage has been creating the strongest and most technologically advanced security products for homes, multi-family, commercial, and institutional buildings. We have been meticulous designers, painstaking engineers, and proud craftsmen. From durable mechanical locks to comprehensive electronic access control solutions and biometrics, Schlage provides protection at critical moments–when property and personal security are at stake. In homes, public buildings, and the workplace, at the end of the day, Schlage stands for one thing: strong.


Von Duprin

A mainstay in public buildings for decades Von Duprin's safety products are known for their unparalleled quality and performance.  From innovative exit devices to electronic access control solutions and accessories, Von Duprin never compromises when security is at stake. In fact, an independent study of more than 100 commercial facilities across the U.S. documented that Von Duprin exit devices require significantly less maintenance over a 30-year period than any other brand.


Avi Networks

Enterprises seek public-cloud-like agility. However, appliance-based load balancers can’t meet the needs of cloud-native applications in modern data centers. We built Avi Networks to match the application services needs of these dynamic environments that go well beyond load balancing. Avi eliminates overspending and over-provisioning and elevates load balancing by taking advantage of the strategic position of load balancers (in the path of application traffic) to deliver application insights that have never before been possible.



The Netskope Cloud Security platform helps the world’s largest organizations take full advantage of the cloud and web without sacrificing security. Our patented Cloud XD technology eliminates blind spots by going deeper than any other security provider to quickly target and control activities across thousands of cloud services and millions of websites. With full control from one cloud, our customers benefit from 360-degree data protection that guards data everywhere and advanced threat protection that stops elusive attacks. At Netskope, we call this smart cloud security.



With our global outreach and our collaboration with our strategic partners, GLOTEC can assemble the necessary multidisciplinary expertise required to provide our end customer with a portfolio of technology and engineering solutions that can effectively and efficiently bring about the latest solutions for the following sectors; Intelligent  Automation & Robotics; Efficient & Renewable Energy; and Intelligent Transportation..


Wilke Technology

With WizePanel – the wireless radio signs – you can edit the content of your signs on the PC manually or automatically with text and graphics. You can save your guests and visitors exhausting searching of targets and yourself time-consuming updating of your signs. You will spare your guests and visitors the arduous search for the right location and you will save yourself time-consuming updates of signs.



meetio – the smart meeting room manager – connects to existing booking systems, bridging the gap between digital calendars and the physical workspace. The product let users book a room instantly on the touch screen with a press of a button, improving meeting quality, and removing disruptions and shuffling around the office in search of rooms. On top, no special training is required





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